heart vs mind

this is the single-most difficult thing in a persons life. everyone wonders how to get that perfect someone...and how to keep them. we spend our lives searching and when we do find someone who is 'compatible' we wonder if they truly are 'the one'. we change ourselves. we have our partners change themselves. and in the end it never works. and why is this, you ask? because we CHANGED. you should never have to necessarily change for anyone, unless of course, it's for yourself.
now i'm no expert on this sort of thing. and i'm certainly nowhere close to finding 'the one'. yes, i do have a boyfriend, and yes, i love him..but is that enough? in my mind i know he doesn't want the same things as me. he's headed down a one-way street. in my heart though, i still want him...need him. i guess this is what everyone goes through. what everyone feels. what everyone thinks.
when do you put the brakes on and stop? a relationship like this is either very toxic, or works out in the end. in cases such as mine, i think, the best thing to do is put your heart away and listen to your mind. but maybe, just maybe...your heart is right all along.

you're the only person who can decide how you feel in the end, don't forget that.