arizona baby!

im heading out to the wonderfully, beautiful arizona on tuesday! i can not tell you how excited i am, even though i go there just about every month.

i'm kind of  bummed im only staying a few days though. but at least i will be there for BOTH of my best friends bdays!!

see you when i return

mother's day!

so yesterday was mother's day. personally i don't believe in it. i think all mothers should be appreciated every day. the sacrifice so much but never ask for a thank you. unfortunately due to certain circumstances i was not able to see my mom, on what is 'supposed' to be the one day it's absolutely necessary. about one week ago she had to move from one year to two years. it was a very sudden decision and i don't know when i'll be able to see her next.

my whole point to this is, appreciate your mom. every day.
you won't regret it.

& happy mother's day